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A pre-alpha demo of a multi-player party roguelike adventure with procedural upgrades that tailor to the way you play in real-time!

Explore a procedurally-generated dungeon with up to four players as you fight hordes of enemies and defeat the darkness corrupting the Sleepy Gardens, a world that exists within the four kids' imagination.

This build of Beyond Imagination was created as a university project over the course of one semester.

Unlock new powers based on how you play!

Beyond Imagination uses a unique upgrade system to consistently provide players with new powers that are best suited to their play styles. Want to rush in guns blazing? Your powers are going to be the strongest offense on the team. Like playing support? AOE pools and targeted heals are in your future. No sifting through menus required—the game just knows.

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Install Instructions

Download and extract the zip file into your favorite directory.


Mouse + Keyboard

Move — WASD

Move cursor — Mouse / Arrow Keys

Melee attack — Left Click / E

Use Imagination Power — Right Click / R

Toggle Imagination Power — Spacebar

Charge Imagination — Hold F


Move — Right Joystick

Move cursor — Left Joystick

Melee attack — Right Face Button (B on Xbox)

Use Imagination Power — Right Trigger / Bottom Face Button (A on Xbox)

Toggle Imagination Power — Bumper

Charge Imagination — Left Trigger


Satchel Quinn — Game Director, Programmer, Marketing

Jimmy Benites — Lead Environment Artist, Project Manager

Joshua Weinberg — Narrative Designer, Music, Marketing

Nicholas Seccondro — Animator, Character Designer, Concept Art

William Martone — Concept Art

Michael Mejia — Character Designer, Material Designer

Julian Quinn — VFX Artist

Jelani Haynes-Prescott  — Design Architect

Reginald Williams — Ability Designer

Ethan Lupinski  — Gameplay Concept Artist

Matthew Kataryniak — Procedural Generation Programmer

Ankit Mittal — Secret Feature Developer


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